Welcome To Soft Jazz You've reached the provider of the most sublime mix of smooth jazz on the entire Live365 network. Soft Jazz is responsible for chilling out more people than any other station of it's genre since 2001. The Best Mix Soft Jazz listens to its listeners. People who tune in to stations on the Live 365 network can vote for their likes and dislikes from the tracks we play. They can even vote with their feet! Yes we even get reports of what you were listening to when you decided to tune away.   So please try out Soft Jazz, which now comes in the form of three different radio channels. Soft Jazz FM, Soft Jazz Espresso & Soft Jazz Mellow Blend. The names prety much explain themselves, but by all means click on the links above to see which flavor suits you best.
“The Smoothest Jazz, 24 Hours a Day”
Soft Jazz is part of the Live365.com network and is licensed through SoundExchange. All music streams from the United States Of America
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