Not Just With Coffee We named it Espresso to make a point. You see, the trouble with Internet radio is that the world is your transmission area. So at anytime of the day it’s the middle of the night somewhere, and first thing in the morning somewhere else. So one channel doesn’t fit all moods all day long. Your Smooth Jazz Breakfast So Soft Jazz Espresso is your “Morning Drive/Breakfast Show” mix. Most people start their day with a shot of caffeine in some form, so consider this to be a musical shot. It’s also the kind of mix that might get you in the mood for a smooth jazz gig, as most live shows tend to be fairly uptempo affairs for the most part. You can dance to the music featured on Soft Jazz Espresso too. So if you feel inspired to shake your booty, be our guest. So wherever you are and whatever the time of day, Soft Jazz Espresso is smooth jazz in an uptempo style. We hope that you enjoy it.
Soft Jazz is part of the network and is licensed through SoundExchange. All music streams from the United States Of America
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