Commercial Free Listening We all have to make a living, and Internet radio doesn't come cheap. At least it doesn't to the networks that broadcast it, as the royalties are crippling. So Live365 insert commercials into the audio streams to help pay the rent. They are also forced to restrict the number of listeners that are able to listen in to this station at any one time. Therefore you might find that Soft Jazz is unavailable at certain times of the day. We have no control over this. However you can lose all the commercials and ensure 24 hour a day access by becoming a Live365 VIP Listener. It costs a few dollars a month to be a VIP Listener, so if you fancy your smooth jazz completely interruption free, then you'll be pleased to know that you can try it out for 5 days absolutely FREE to evaluate the experience. Here's hoping that you find the experience worthwhile.
Soft Jazz is part of the network and is licensed through SoundExchange. All music streams from the United States Of America
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