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It Really Doesn’t Get Any Smoother Than This OK so we thought that we were on to a good thing when we went with the coffee theme. Hopefully you’ll agree, and the name of this channel speaks for itself. But just in case you need a little more clarification, Soft Jazz Mellow Blend is for those times when you just need to relax after a busy day, or perhaps you’re in need of something really laid back for late in the evening. Or perhaps you have company. Take that thought wherever you’d like it to go. Whenever you need a really laid back soundtrack, we think that you’ll find Soft Jazz Mellow Blend to be just what you’re looking for. Oh and if you are planning on using this channel as a background for a romantic encounter, you’ll probably want to try it ad-free for 5 days to see how it works out for you. Just click the link on the right to try it without commercials for a few days on the house.
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