Soft Jazz FM - The Original Launched in 2001. Soft Jazz FM quickly became popular and has now for many years been the number 1 smooth jazz station on the Live365 network. It’s fairly laid back for the most part, and provides the sort of mix of smooth jazz that’s perfect for listening throughout the day. The Public Choice Soft Jazz FM has proved to be a popular choice in bars, restaurants, hotels and various other public places. It’s all instrumental, and so never too intrusive and that’s why it gets a public airing so often. Of course if you want to air it publicly, you’ll be wanting the commercials removed, so your customers can get an uninterrupted flow of smooth jazz. That’s where ad free listening comes in. For a few dollars a month, Live365 will give you VIP Membership, and kindly remove all the commercials for you. And we’ll do our part too by removing any jingles and announcements (apart from the opening one!). Just click the link on the right and you can try it ad-free for 5 days to see how it works for you. VIP Members can also listen on mobile phones too, so you’ll enjoy commercial free smooth jazz wherever you go, if you have a smartphone.
Soft Jazz is part of the network and is licensed through SoundExchange. All music streams from the United States Of America
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